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Quality, Environmental And Safety Policy of GE.MA.TA. Spa

In order to ensure that all the products, services and activities of Ge.Ma.Spa are in compliance with the Customer's requirements and in respect of the environment and safety, the Management chose to introduce the Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems, in conformity with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Regulations and INAIL - Confindustria Veneto (Lavorosicuro) guidelines

Gemata Spa intends to embrace a fundamental requirement of the ISO 9001 standard, that is : the satisfaction of the interested parties. The interested parties being: the customer, the owners or members, the employees, the company or community, the suppliers.

The commitments and the will of the Management are as follows:
  • To maintain the Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems by providing the necessary human and instrumental resources. They must be of support for the achievement of the objectives of the organization and are an integral part of the same.
  • To maintain the Organization and Management Model.
  • To define and spread the aims and programs throughout the Company for implementing continuous improvement. For this purpose, all companyís functions are requested to provide full cooperation to ensure that management indicators are correctly followed.
  • To operate in the exercise of its own business to its best in the maximum respect of the laws in force bringing itself up to date continuously.
  • To continuously train, inform, sensitize, involve and motivate all the personnel on the methods foreseen by the Systems and for the professional activities. In particular on corporate risks and on the measures of prevention and protection to be taken in relation to the task performed and on the environmental impact in carrying out their activities. This concerns as well any contractors and service suppliers working with Gemata Spa.
  • To ensure the professional growth of the mechanical and service technicians in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • To develop projects for new machines and plants to meet customersí needs, but, at the same time, to reduce the environmental impact by safeguarding the safety and health of the workers, third parties and of the community in which Gemata operates.
  • To take best care of customersí requests for assistance which should be a priority among the organizationís activities.
  • To guarantee the consultation of employees through the workersí representative for security, on aspects concerning safety and health at workplace.
  • To favour preventive actions, including internal investigations on potentials risks to the safety and health of workers, in order to reduce or eliminate the probability of accidents, injuries or other abnormal conditions.
  • To ensure the equipment maintenance and to the installed systems in order to ensure their efficiency and the consequent safety for the operators appointing to use them.
  • To maintain the environmental standard acquired and in a way that is compatible with the available human and financial resources, bring about continuous improvement in the pollution prevention. To this effect, the organization intends to pay particular attention to the aspects related to the emissions into the atmosphere and the need to reduce the waste produced.
  • To extend its environmental policy beyond the companyís site, and try to sensitize its suppliers about the importance of the environmental factor and address, where possible, to those suppliers that adopt processes with a lower environmental impact.
  • To look for transparent forms of communication with the public suitable for the diffusion of company policy to the interested parties, to the environmental communication and receiving opinions / ideas and suggestions coming from the outside which are precious for the critical re-examination of the objectives and goals set by the company. With this in mind, it intends to promote cooperation between the various corporate resources, collaboration with business organizations and trade union representatives, as well as with appointed external authorities.

Ge.Ma.Ta. Spa must be able to continuously adapt to the market needs in a quick and flexible way and grow with the customer; it must indeed create with him a relationship of trust, see him as a partner proud to use the Gemata product.

The whole organization including each worker and each one according to their own attributions and skills, is responsible for the management of quality, environment and safety system.

The whole staff of Ge.Ma.Ta. Spa must feel involved in collaborating, pursuing and achieving these goals.

The company success is to be considered as a personal success as well.

Trissino, 17th May 2018