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Company Gemata, located in Trissino, Vicenza province, was founded in 1979 and in the last years it has become the worldwide leader in the manufacture of leather finishing machines.

This goal was achieved thanks to Gemataís skill to industrialize the finished product and to standardize it. The company is customer oriented since it establishes a strict collaborative relationship during the pre-sale phase and maintains it with a punctual, fast and specialized post-sale assistance service.

The big turning point comes in 1992, when the company Ė that was a workshop in the beginning and became later a specialized manufacturer of machines for goat and sheep leather- renews itís staff: Gemata expands non-stop from a 6/7 thousand millions of the old lire with 37 employees to an almost 20 millions euros turnover thanks to the work of over 100 employees.

In the two Trissino (VI) plants, besides roller coating machines, Gemata manufactures machines and plants for the finishing of synthetic leather, bonded leather, fabrics, paper, rubber and float glass. Besides leather finishing machines, synthetic leather and textile machines, both units produce foaming machines that create chemicals and air emulsions with a viscosity varying from 200 to 950 gr/l. These emulsions are used in the tannery as well as in the textile industry and in the industries producing foamed products.

Since a few years, Gemata produces machines for the automation in the tannery: conveyor belts, sorting machines and stackers to pile the leather at the and of the finishing processes.

On a mainly productive front, it is worth underlining the machinesí high quality, the manufacturing accuracy, the use of the finest raw materials, the easy and stability of the regulation that guarantees operating rapidity and simplicity and makes it possible to use all the machines productive potential in highly reliable conditions through time.

In April 1999, Gemata was the first tanning machinery manufacturer to achieve ISO 9002 Quality Certification, followed by ISO 14001 Environmental Certification in July 2001 and by ISO 9001:2000 in June 2003.

Another qualification that marks Gemata is the after-sale service. The servicing is carried out directly by our specialized technicians, always ready for swift programmed intervention or last minute emergency visits within 48 hours in countries worldwide.

The company is directed by a board of directors, formed by two managing directors co-ordinating and managing, one the financial administration and one the technical, productive and commercial side.

The activity is carried out by 60 qualified workers and by 41 employees, 9 of which are graduated.

All the products are projected in the company by a research and development office, formed by 12 electronic and mechanical planners who perceive the customersí needs and translate them, quickly and efficiently, in a satisfying product which is constantly checked and monitored.

Gemata planners are constantly busy in research projects which often involve foreign companies and research institutes.

Some of the most important chemical companies such as Bayer, Basf, TFL, Stahl, Clariant, etc, are involved in the research activities. They experiment in their research laboratories the new chemical products with Gemata machines which are modified accordingly.