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STARFACE - basic features and options

STARFACE- caracter?sticas basicas y opcionals

Standard Optional STARFACE
Rigid monolithic steel structure
Spreader: automatic feeding and spreading device of soft leathers for sincro system
Detaching device for detaching leather from lower engraved roller
Exit motorized belt
Upper rubber roller
Device for continuous cleaning of the upper cylinder by pneumatically controlled scraper
Stainless steel chemical recovery tank
Steel lower engraved roller
Doctor blade for the homogeneous distribution of the product on the lower engraved cylinder
Pipe system for pigment distribution and engraved roller washing directly fastened to the chemical recovery tank
Teflon-coated stainless steel recycling tanks
Electronic speed control of the engraved roller and the conveying roller with digital display
Working thickness variation to two decimal points through electronic control and digital display
Double diaphragm colour pump
Grooved wheels and guide rails
Fabric cover for engraved rollers
Covering shed for dust protection