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Coating in-line

Coating in-line of both side of the leather in automotive finishing process


Leather goods, garment leathers and especially automotive leather besides being coated on the grain side by spraying or roller coating, are resin-coated on the flesh side to fix the fibres and avoid their detachment during the tumbling. The above-mentioned processes, i.e. resin coating on the flesh side and finishing coating on the grain side, are usually done in two separate steps. After the first process, leathers are stacked and then handled to the next one.

GE.MA.TA. developed and patented an equipment (line GREENFINISH®) which allows the resin coating process and the finishing process to be done in continuous, thus reducing the working time and avoiding the stacking and the further handling of leathers.

This new equipment is characterized by the presence of an innovative machine “STARFACE” which applies the resin on the bottom side (flesh side) of the leather keeping it with the grain side up. In this way, the leather is ready to be immediately finished in continuous by traditional spraying or coating. This new equipment is particularly suitable for automotive leather, but it can be used as well for leather goods to make a finishing on both sides. The leather can be used as it is with no need to glue or stitch linings or similar.

GE.MA.TA. developed the GREENFINISH® equipment, which, thanks to STARFACE machine, automates the whole low environmental working process . Herewith attached, please find the file of the registration of the brand GREENFINISH® named as

In the lay-out on Picture 1, it is highlighted the whole working process which is illustrated in the attached power point

Coating in-line
Picture 1 - Lay out of the finishing line in continuous GREENFINISH®

The line is composed by the sequence of STARCLEAN, STARFACE, MEGASTAR and TOPSTAR machines which work in line. Leathers are conveyed in continuous throughout the whole process without being touched or handled by the operator.

In this line, leathers are usually fed in with the grain side up and they undergo the following processes:
  • dedusting process
  • coating of the chemical unto the bottom side (i.e. resin coating of the flesh side)
  • coating of the chemical unto the upper side (i.e. base coating of the grain side
  • application of the finish (top coat unto the grain side)

The processes are done in continuous, without wasting of time, nor intermediate contamination, nor operators.

The main advantages of this innovative process are:
  • twice the production compared to the traditional processes since the resin coating and the coating are done in continuous (the used finishing lines are reduced to half)
  • saving of the space required to stock the resin-coated leathers waiting further finishing processes.
  • Avoid contamination coming from the handling of the leathers
  • Improving the selection and increasing the cutting area of the leathers thanks to the reduced dust contamination.

Coating in-line
Picture 2 - View of the feeding side of the finishing line in continuous GREENFINISH®

GEMATA’s thirty years of experience in the production of complete finishing lines made of roller machines, drying tunnels and spray booths, guarantees the precision, the reliability and the long-lasting operation of the offered solution.

The integrated design of the complete finishing line results in high added value for the end user. It is technically favourable as all the parts of the line communicate with each other and are in sync in terms of speed, pitch and emergencies. It is advantageous in terms of management, as the centralisation of all the process data in a single unit allows the factory system to acquire them more easily and efficiently. Above all, it is useful in terms of work safety as GEMATA certifies the complete line and not the single machine, relieving users from all the responsibilities that would arise if they were to assemble the individual parts.

GE.MA.TA. protected the innovation of the finishing line in continuous by Patent n. 102017000037050 filed on 04/04/2017.


STARFACE is a revolutionary patented roller machine specifically designed to apply a chemical on the flesh side of leather. The working principle is explained on Picture 3. The design of the STARFACE is specular compared to traditional roller machines. At its bottom it is fitted an engraved roller (ref. item 6) that by conveying the chemical into the recovery tank processes the flesh side of the leather. The quantity of chemical deposited by STARFACE is calibrated by the engraving of the coating roller and by the doctor blade (ref. item 5) which scrapes it. On the upper side of the machine, in contact with the grain side of leather, it is installed a rubber roller that guarantees its mechanical transport (ref. item 4).

The leather is fed-in by feeding belts (ref. item 1) which allow a perfect spreading and stretching of the leather itself avoiding in this way the presence of creases. After the coating of the flesh side, the leather is detached by the engraved roller thanks to a toothed rollers’ device (ref. Item 2) and it is conveyed to the drying tunnel by a conveying and spreading belt (ref. item 3). Perfect drying and air conditioning are achieved by selecting the drying tunnel most suitable to the production cycle of the customer, who can choose among several drying methods: infrared, steam and gas. The leather is conveyed to the next machine (MEGASTAR) and fed-in by conveyors and feeding belts which work in sync with the STARFACE and which allow a perfect spreading and stretching of the leather

Coating in-line
Picture 3 - Working principle of STARFACE

Coating in-line
Picture 4 – Engraved coating roller of STARFACE

The detailed description of STARFACE machine is explained in the leaflet. As explained above, STARFACE introduces a significant innovation in the tannery process as it allows to automate the resin coating on the flesh side, creating a finishing line in continuous with the other coating machines. This totally eliminates contamination from dust and fluff caused by the stacking of leathers and by the surrounding dust. STARFACE guarantees considerable advantage to the tannery, increasing the quality of the produced leather and consequently its cutting percentage.