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Wet & Wet

Finishing process for embossed splits for automotive and sport shoes

It is a finishing process especially recommended for embossed splits for automotive and sport shoes.


With the traditional finishing system: 

After the 1st application of stucco -coating splits are dried and then buffed. Buffing is necessary to eliminate the surface unevenness caused by the stiffening of the split/flesh hair after the tunnel drying process.

Then, splits go through the 2nd application of base coating and then through tunnel drying.

Splits get embossed.

After embossing, splits go through color coating and top coating application.


With the Wet & Wet system, conceived by Gemata:

After the first application of stucco-coating with a roller coater Starplus-S/Jumbostar/Megastar and with a roller 21SS with a capacity of 7-9 gr.sq, the leather, without going through drying tunnel, is conveyed directly to the second Megastar roller coater in 30-40 seconds.

During winter, when room temperature is colder, it is used an infrared lamp system to remove humidity from the stucco coating before the leather is conveyed into the spreader of the Megastar (2nd roller coater).

For the second application of base-coating it used a roller 17GLL or G17M with a capacity of 12-14 gr.sq.

The spreader’s belts of the 2nd roller coater along with the action of the elycoidal rollers squash the hair, thus allowing the coating to be applied on a surface perfectly smooth and even.

The leather is then dried through a Multidrier IR tunnel with 3 passages so that to reduce the tunnel overall dimensions and then it is embossed after 12/24 hours in order to obtain the best result.

After embossing, the leather goes through colorcoating and tipcoating application.

The results achieved with the Gemata Wet & Wet system are better than the traditional ones, both in regard to the softness of the finished leather both in regard to chemical/physicals characteristics of the finishing.

Better mechanical resistance of the chemical in the leatehr surface.


Finishing process using only Gemata roller coates:

  • Stucco application 7/8 gr.sf roller 21SS
  • Base coating 12/14 grsf roller G17G
  • Embossinhg after 12-24 hours
  • Colorcoating 3.5 gr.sf roller G35T
  • Topcoating 2.5 gr.sf roller G25T