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GREENSTAR is the new roller-coating machine with a working width of 3400 and 3800 mm. to finish any type of whole and half cowhides in reverse mode. With GREENSTAR it is possible to apply the entire range of chemicals for finishing: resins for impregnation, oils and waxes, fillers and pre-bases, bases, coatings and water-based fixatives. The new model guarantees coverage and extreme precision in all types of application, even on very defective leathers and with high thickness variations.

The large diameter counterpart roller and the conveyor belt at constant pull make it possible to detach the hides without any type of detaching rollers or other mechanical device and eliminate any contamination of the flesh side of the hides. The counter-roller is constantly kept clean by a scraper blade which prevents dirt residues from adhering, which would spoil the quality of the coating. The combination of a large diameter counter-roller and a thick rubber belt guarantees optimal coverage of the surfaces and a precision that had never before been achieved by any machine with a rubberized conveyor belt.

The special rubber conveyor belt can be positioned at 4 different angles at the exit from the coating point:
  • it allows the processing of all types of leather
  • it ensures the greater and better application of the chemical product
  • it increases the spreading precision
  • it increases the quality of the finish.

The patented system keeps the tension of the belt constant in all its different positions, extending its duration and reliability over time. The system prevents the carpet from deforming or losing its shape for the variation of the tension due to the change of angle, as it happens with the traditional machines with the rubberized belt, which has also been patented. The new movement of the doctor blades is a technology with horizontal and calibrated ones that keeps the engraved cylinder capacity constant throughout its life cycle, ensuring uniform coating and compensating for the wear and tear of the doctor blade itself.

The machine is equipped with Long Life cylinders, available in several dozen incisions and capacities: these improve and optimize the unloading of the chemical product from the engraving, make applications much more uniform, and shorten the cleaning operations at the end of processing. The machine is fitted for the data storage and management system of the engraved cylinders. It is a data reading and writing system directly in the engraved cylinder through an RFID tag, inserted integrally into the cylinder. With this technology, can be written and read the information that uniquely identifies the engraved cylinder, the type of engraving and the production date. The actual working hours of the cylinder are stored automatically on the relevant machines in which it is mounted. It is possible to memorize the duration of the cylinder in advance for scheduled maintenance, linked to the estimate of wear. GREENSTAR is equipped with control systems that allow remote identification of problems and remote assistance.