Splitting Machines
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Diamond Wetblue

Splitting machine for wetblue with automatic feeding device

The main characteristics are:

  • New splitting concept with grain upside down in order to achieve a better splitting accuracy
  • New patented automatic device to feed the machine (auto-feeder) with variable speed
  • Strong structure manufactured in welded and thermically treated steel
  • New original design (patented) characterised by an extremely stiff head and a large opening to ease the access to the most important area of the machine: blade, blade guides, and conveying rollers
  • Blade holder beam independent from the blade pushers (patented)
  • Automatic opening of the blade guides (patented)
  • Independent system to control the gauge roller and the ring roller speed (patented)
  • Automatic device for knife's edge protection (patented)
  • Processing controls set through the keyboard
  • Hydraulic system in a separate tank to avoid overheating and for easy maintenance
  • Continuously conveying speed control from 5 to 30 mts/min
  • Double set of support rollers underneath the gauge transport roller
  • Hydraulic opening and closure of the upper and lower beam
  • System to adjust the right and the left flanks separately
  • Electrically operated adjustment of the splitting thickness with an accuracy of 0,025 mm, both for upper and lower rollers
  • Digital display for upper and lower thickness
  • Automatic advancement of grinding wheels and blade
  • Hydraulic device to detach the grinding wheels
  • Sensitive border safety barrier all along the working width
  • Electric and main pushbutton panels housed in a separate waterproof cabinet in accordance with safety rules
  • Suction and filtering system for sharpening dust
  • Conveyor underneath the machine to take out the grain from the rear with variable speed
  • Extractor on the back of the machine for the evacuation of splits, with variable speed, suitable to be connected to an automatic stacker