Engraved rollers
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"NP" and "PR" type REVERSE rollers

Reverse rollers for various processing

"NP" and "PR" type REVERSE rollers The new NP and PR type REVERSE rollers, designed after careful study and long experimentation, are particularly suitable for the finishing of leathers that require more mechanical action.

The NP engraving is suitable for textured leather backgrounds that require greater surface closure, while PR models can be used on any type of leather in various processes (coat, top coat, fixatives, varnishes).

The rollers, mounted on the new models of Gemata machines, thanks to its particular configuration of the conveyor belt, allow to obtain excellent results in finishing:
  • easier feeding of thin and soft leathers;
  • complete disappearance of the light marks left by engraving on the surgace of the finished leather;
  • better spreading of the chemicals creating a mirror-like surface;
  • wider range of capacity when varing the chemicalsí viscosity.

NP and PR typre reverse rollers are available both chromed and in the Long Life variant.