Splitting Machines
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Splitting machine for cowhides, goat, sheep and pig skins suitable for splitting in wet blue, lime, pickle and dry.


STARSPLIT is a new splitting machine for cowhides, goat, sheep and pig skins suitable for splitting in wet blue,lime, pickle and dry.

STARSPLIT has a stiff and strong structure with an innovative approach to guarantee high splitting accuracy, operator safety, easy operation, fast maintenance procedures and low spare part consumption.

STARSPLITís redesign introduces a patented approach including automatic opening of knife guides, knife edge protection, independent drive motors for gauge and ring rollers, double set of counter rollers on top of gauge roller and an exclusive detaching roller in place of rear roller guides, and a cleaning device to remove waste of hides from the ring roller scraper.

STARSPLIT, a complete range of splitting machines with versions and working widths suitable for all types of leather and all working conditions.

STARSPLIT, innovation, versatility, safety and splitting quality.
  • Working widths: 1600 - 2000 - 2400 - 3200 - 3400 - 3600
  • High splitting precision
  • Huge productivity
  • Easy settings
  • Working safety
  • Extremely reduced maintenance
  • Low spare parts consumption
  • Wide range of accessories and options.

Amongst the numerous technical innovations of STARSPLIT we point out the following:
  • Extremely stiff and robust top bridge with very large opening to ease the access to the working area: knife pushers, knife guides and feed rollers.
  • Knife guide automatic opening across the entire working width to be used for knife replacement and daily cleaning of knife guides and knife pushers. This device allows easy removal of dirt accumulation inside the knife guides preventing seizing up and prolonging their working life. Knife pusher position is easily set offering great benefits for splitting accuracy
  • STARSPLIT is the only splitting machine with instantaneous and automatic protection of the sharp knife by the knife guides during the opening phase.
  • The knife always maintains its working position and grinding angles remain unchanged. This approach guarantees total safety for the operator during cleaning, maintenance and setting up.
  • Drive system of gauge roller and ring roller through independent motors: this approach allows increased gauge roller speed to spread out the leather more fully. Wear prone cardan joints are no longer required. Very fast knife change, 15 minutes, no need to remove parts.
  • The double set of counter rollers on top of gauge roller ensures knife straightness thus enhancing splitting accuracy. No more wear of gauge roller guides.
  • New hydraulic cambering system to make up for the roller conveyor play in 6 points that can be easily adjusted independently, without using suitable operating instruments, and with the option of quickly switching roller position from cambered to parallel or differently cambered, with decimal entity settable from control panel.
    This makes the work thickness more constant on the whole surface of the leather.
  • New positioning system of the rubber roller with respect to the separate articulated roller to process in lime and in wet blue.
    The back position of the rubber roller with respect to the articulated one, for processing in lime, provides a softer and more effective compensation of the articulated roller even with considerably thick hides.
    The forward position of the rubber roller with respect to the articulated one, for processing in wet blue, provides more rigid compensation of the articulated roller for greater precision in processing thickness and larger opening of the hide during the feeding stage.
  • New automatic control device, on the operator panel, to adjust the gap between the axis of the articulated roller and the tip of the scraper without moving the rubber roller and the hide feeding table. (patented)
  • Automatic device for the micrometric adjustment of the scraper position against the articulated roller.
    This device, thanks to the scraper position modification , allows an easy cleaning from the working mode, without removing the rubber roller and maintaining the working axis. (patented)
  • Longer life of the blade thanks to the flywheels transmission driven by inverter.


Designed to make the splitting machine STARSPLIT:
The feeding system installed on the rear side of the machine allows to switch quickly from a non-working position, above the machine, to a working position. This is achieved thanks to an hydraulic drive rotation. The feeding system installed as such, does not add any obstruction in the front side of the machine.
High output
The difficult operations of feeding, guiding and stopping the hides usually carried out by the operators during the passing of the hides through the gauge roller are eliminated. It is now possible to feed one hide after the other into the feeding device without the presence of skilled staff.
The feeding belt is positioned between the dangerous area and the operator, thus assuring a total safe working state

HIDE EXTRACTION FOR LIME AND PICKLE SPLITTING MACHINE Automatic hide extractor for limed hides and pickle skins for installing at the rear of a splitting machine.