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An innovative throughfeed dyeing machine


The long experience of Gemata as aworld leader in leather finishing, combined with in depth research and extensive laboratory work along with tannery tests and trials, has allowed the development of DEEPCOLOR, an innovative throughfeed dyeing machine.

Main features are:
  • Contemporary dyeing of both flesh and grain side of the leather thanks to the presence of two engraved rollers which dye the leather on both sides
  • High efficiency of through feed immersion with extremely uniform leather dyeing.
  • Highly significant reduction of chemical product consumption compared with the traditional dyeing drums.
  • High reduction of working times and possibility to process small batches of leathers.
  • Very quick articles changeover, low maintenance and easy machine operation even for unexperienced personnel.
  • The feeding of the leather is reached by two conveyors (SPREADER) which guarantee a perfect spreading of the leather thus avoiding any folds.
  • Easy cleansing of either the machine and the engraved rollers thanks to a pipes fitting installed directly on the doctor blade holder.

DEEPCOLOR is equipped with several innovative features:
  • Dyeing system operating simultaneously two engraved rollers; a steel one to dye the flesh side of the leather and a rubber one to dye the grain side. This technical solution guarantees a through feed dyeing and expedite the working process.
  • Leather detaching unit device for the automatic detaching of the leathers at the exit of the upper engraved roller.
  • Leather detaching unit device for the automatic detaching of the leathers at the exit of the lower engraved roller.
  • Exit motorized belt.
  • Electronic control of feed speed variable up to 10m/min.
  • Dyeing solution tank made of stainless steel.
  • Centralized control panel for easy setting through a guidance menu with digital display of the working parameters.