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Roller coating machine for all kinds of leather, soft and stiff


STARPLUS and STARPLUS-S are two models of innovative machine coming from the experience that Gemata has acquired through years of leadership in the roller finishing machine market.

STARPLUS and STARPLUS-S are available with useful working width of 1300 - 1800 - 2200 - 2400 mm for "stucco", impregnation, pigment coating, cold and hot application of oils and waxes, application of foamed chemicals on splits, corrected and full grain, both in REVERSE and SYNCHRO on any kind of leather, regenerated and synthetic materials.

Thanks to the advanced technical solutions implemented on this model, all the typical problems of the traditional rollercoaters could be sorted out.

In detail STARPLUS and STARPLUS-S features:
  • Absolutely no mechanical vibrations which generated coating flaws when finishing fine leather.
  • Complete elimination of the printing marks left on the leather by the engraving of the traditional rollers.
  • Possibility of finishing any kind of leather in REVERSE, including those very thin and soft for garment.
  • Reduced downtime for maintenance and easy use of the machine even by inexperienced personnel.

STARPLUS and STARPLUS-S have numerous innovations to make operations easier and reduce maintenance time to a minimum:
  • The conveyor belt, though keeping its horizontal lay-out, has a geometry that varies automatically according to the type of leather to be processed: up to 4 REVERSE and 1 SYNCHRO positions can be selected.
  • The speed of the engraved cylinder can be electronically set up to a maximum of 100 m/min.
  • The doctor blade is fastened to a new rigid support with pivot mounted on bearings to ensure more precise and smooth movement and everything is pneumatically driven to automatically compensate the wear and tear of the blade.
  • The working thickness varies according to a centesimal scale with digital display and automatic thickness reset in the control panel. In addition, the special geometry of the belt makes up for any difference in the thickness of the leather so that coating remains steady and even.
  • The stainless steel washing tank is equipped with a quick pneumatic exclusion system: this solution is used either to lower the tank and prevent the belt brush and rubber cleaning blade from touching the belt at the end of the working cycle or whenever the coating process should be carried out with washing system off.
  • In the new models STARPLUS and STARPLUS-S the belt is fitted on a special rack structure easy to remove from the front side of the machine. This specific configuration allows the belt to be quickly replaced by pulling it out sideway without having to take out the driving and idle cylinders and moving the machine away from its working position.

Innovative technical solutions have allowed to completely eliminate on STARPLUS and STARPLUS-S the typical vibrations affecting all the traditional rollercoating machines:
  • An electrically welded steel monolithic framework has increased the twisting resistance by 400%.
  • A new belt geometry has ensured perfect alignment and constant flatness of the belt in the working area.
  • The belt control and drive unit has been located on the outer return cylinder so that the upper side of the rubber conveyor can work under traction (in conventional machines, the belt is pushed against the engraved cylinder).
  • The gears of the engraved cylinders have a large diameter with extra wide teeth and the control gear is built with antiwear synthetic material and high mechanical resistance.

STARPLUS and STARPLUS-S features as standard equipment the new "G" type rollers with helical multi-start engraving.
The "G" type REVERSE rollers ensure even coating process and mirror-like defect-free surfaces.

The solutions approved both for STARPLUS and STARPLUS-S enhance the feeding of soft skins. More precisely the standard equipment of the STARPLUS-S model includes, besides the spreader to feed and flatten the skins, a special patented feeding mechanism.
  • Such device allows for the first time to finish also very soft leather for garment in REVERSE.
  • The patented feeding mechanism, thanks to a special device which detects the overloads generated by any leather rejection, makes it possible to work with several STARPLUS-S machines placed in automatic line, without need of the intermediate operator to insert skins manually.
  • STARPLUS-S comes standard with a detaching device for removing soft leather from the conveyor belt.