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Starcolor - basic features and options

Standard Optional STARCOLOR
Stiff monolithic steel structure
Spreader: leather feeding and spreading unit
Two dyeing solution tanks for double immersion
Easily removed tank for chemical product collection with heating unit
Feeding speed electronically controlled
Two intermediate squeezing rubber rollers after the first immersion
Two squeezing rollers at the exit of second immersion, with variable pneumatic pressure
Two mesh conveyors with automatic centering device
Easy adjustment through a guidance menu
Fault auto-diagnostic with error display
Software update with USB memory card
Safety bar all across the working width for immediate stop of conveyors
Washing pipes made of stainless steel AISI 304
Pump for recirculation and recovery of dyeing solution
Doctor blade equipped with pipes for pigment feed and for washing
Top squeezing roller at the exit of second immersion is engraved to improve the dyeing solution penetration into the leather
Dyeing solution recirculation ducts made of stainless steel