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Foam generator for water based chemicals


FOAMMIX 200 and FOAMMIX 500 are two fine foam producing machines with elevated homogeneous characteristics that are able to process from 200 g/litre to 970 g/litre.

The main characteristic of FOAMMIX is that of the patented mixing chamber. While working at a low pressure, this allows to reduce the air into microscopic bubbles and homogenize them into the chemical maintaining constant and unaltered chemical/physical characteristics.

Another innovative characteristic is represented by the electronic system that controls the air and chemical magnetic monitors. This system guarantees to obtain the pre-set values of the delivery capacity and density of the foam, with high precision and reproducibility.

With FOAMMIX it is not necessary to manually check the weight of the foamed chemical. The microprocessor installed guarantees and maintains the pre-set weight of the foam, keeping in mind the absolute density (specific weight) of the chemical to be foamed in an ample field of variability.

On the control panel are connected, not only the emergency and start buttons of the machine, but two digital displays indicating the delivery capacity in l/hr and the weight of the foam compared to the unit volume and expressed in grams/litre.
Moreover, a micrometric adjustment permits to set the absolute density (specific weight) of the chemical in order to obtain with extreme precision the grams/litre of foam pre-set.

The small quantity of chemical remaining (less than 1 litre) in the FOAMMIX is easily and rapidly cleaned with 8-10 litres of water, a fundamental characteristic for fast color changes.

The rigid, lightweight and compact structure is equipped with wheels; the electrical power and pneumatic supply are independent all permitting an easy and rapid movement of the FOAMMIX to the various units of application.

A water cooled chamber to maintain the product at a constant low temperature is available on request.