Regenerated leather finishing
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Regenerated leather finishing

Machines and plants for the finishing of the regenerated leather

The plant carries out surface finishing of regenerated leather on a reel or on sheets, using the formation of various layers of colour.

The first step in the process creates a homogeneous layer that penetrates the uneven and unequal parts of the surface that are so typical of this product. The operation is known as "sealing".

The next phases, using a roller padding machine aim to create a film of colour that give the leather the aesthetic appearance that it is supposed to have for its intended use.

After each colouring phase, drying and cooling operations are also carried out.

A press or a calender may be used in the final area to create smooth or embossed effects (therefore diversified).

The regenerated leather may be processed either directly from the reel (in this case, winding and unwinding devices are placed in the inlet and final areas) or on sheets (in this case, feeding onto conveyor belts is carried out manually).