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Spray Booth with indipendent multiple arms


The long experience of Gemata as a world leader in leather finishing, combined with in depth research and extensive laboratory work along with tests and trials in tanneries, has allowed the development of SPRAYSTORM, an innovative spray booth which grants a perfect coating of the leathers with an overall width of little more than 3 meters.

SPRAYSTORM, with a working width from 1800 up to 2600 mm., operates with 8 gun-holding arms having an overall width of 2,25 mt. The models with a working width from 3000 to 3800 mm. operate with 12 gun-holding arms having an overall width of little more than 3 meters.
The guns installed on the SPRAYSTORM move on linear carriages independently one from the other and each gun can be connected to a different dyeing. Besides to its dimensions, which are more compact in comparison with the ones of the traditional rotating spraying booths, SPRAYSTORM is characterized by a traslation speed of the guns which is 33% lower than the one of a traditional rotating spraying booth.
The low traslation speed and the absence of centrifugal speed guarantee a high spraying output with a low dispersion of chemical product.

SPRAYSTORM is characterized by its practical adjustment and easy cleansing:
  • the cleansing is carried out by stopping and aligning the guns on the bottom of the booth close to the scrubber
  • the adjustment of the guns is carried out by aligning all the guns in front of the operator and by opening the double-leaf door which allows an easy access and the possibility to act on all guns at the same time.

Main features are:
  • Bearing structure made of painted Fe steel and chutes for water recycling made of Aisi 304 stainless steel. Available with 1800, 2200, 2600, 3000 and 3400 mm working width in the water curtain model. Its size is considerably lower than the one of the traditional rotating booths; it is delivered assembled, ready to be installed thus being customer-friendly in terms of time saving.
  • On the main corridor side, it has a large double-leaf door made of aluminium provided with glasses on the top, in order to allow full acces within the booth.
  • Independent linear carriages placed on the paint booth. Each carriage unit is controlled by “Brushless” motor complete with a precision reducer.
  • Gun-holding arms suitable to hold 2 guns each and with slots for the height adjustment.
  • Within the machine, below the spray area, a constant water curtain is provided in order to reduce maintenance and cleaning time.
  • Water recycling tank and water curtain flowing trays made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Self-priming open impeller pump for recycling water and maintaining constant water level by means of a floater.
  • Set-up to work with any kind of high and low-pressure spraying system (HVLP, AILESS, AIR-MIX etc.), equipped with high capacity circuits and with a device for the automatic loading, discharge and washing of the dying system.
  • A stainless steel, high-performance water-jet type scrubber is supplied with the machine for the exhausting of fumes by means of solvent-resisting and self-cleaning nozzles, by plastic balls and air-water separation filters.
  • A mud collection tank can be easily reached for a quick maintenance.
  • Chemicals economizer equipped with a display for finishing line and guns speed; it allows carrying out output statistics relevant to number of hides, total sq.ft. measurement and chemical/dye consumption.
  • All pneumatic and electric controls and guns control are located in one central panel that can be easily reached by the operator. To be mentioned, the speed of each gun can be separately adjusted and each gun can be separately moved to be placed in front of the operator.