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Spraystar Evo

Spraying finishing line

Spraystar Evo

SPRAYSTAR EVO is an innovative spraying booth fitted with aerograph system developed by GEMATA and built entirely in stainless steel.
It allows a great range of finishing effects and it is available in the standard working width ranging from 1800 to 3800 ww.and in two versions: dry or water-curtain system. It is set up to work with any kind of high and low-pressure spraying system(HVLP, AIRLESS, AIR-MIX, etc.)

The carousel can be equipped with 8-12-24 guns, each of them fitted with up to 3 different spray guns and 3 colour circuits. The octagonal shape of SPRAYSTAR EVO prevents the stagnation of fumes in the corners, thus reducing a 10% of the air volume to be exhausted if compared with the traditional rectangular models. The inner chamber of the booth is free from any mechanical part to avoid any leakage, any deposit of dirt and any kind of inconvenience which could damage the surface of the leather.

The Quick Washing System allows in few seconds the complete washing of the colour circuit. The Colour Change Automatic System allows in few seconds to change the colour and clean the paint circuit. This system unloads the paint in-use in the processed leather lot, whilst washing the guns and loading the paint necessary to the next lot operation.
A colour circuit can be washed and refilled while unloading automatically the paint in-use. Both the washing and the paint change systems are controlled by a PLC and the presence of the operator is therefore not necessary.

SPRAYSTAR EVO is fitted with a product economizer which checks every steps of the painting process thus eliminating any waste. For the emission of the fumes suctioned from the spray chamber it is available both a water-curtain (“wet”) and a mechanical/textile filter (“dry”) exhausters. Both water-curtain (“wet”) and a mechanical/textile filter (“dry”) exhausters are available for the elimination of the fumes suctioned from the spray chamber.
The exhauster is available in various dimensions according to the working width of the finishing line to allow a fast and safe maintenance and cleaning operation. A mechanical system of sliding lateral glass panels allows their easy, quick and safe cleaning and prevent the access of the working staff into the spraying area.

The upper side of the spray cabin is entirely covered to control the airflow within the booth. Thanks to the ventilators controlled by differential gauge keeps the pressure inside the spray booth is kept higher than the outside pressure, thus avoiding any contamination with the dust coming from the production department.

At the exit of the spray booth the chemical product is removed by a rotating brush cleansing system. The washing of the strings makes their scraping not necessary thus avoiding dust contamination coming from this process. The leathers are conveyed into the spray booth by perlon strings and into the drying tunnel by a mesh conveyor.

The Chicken Wire transport system assures the total absence of dust contamination and it is recommended for the finishing of automotive and patent leather. The leathers are conveyed and held by a mesh made in plastic material which allows an easy removal of the chemical product once it is dry. The mesh and the chemical product are disposed of as common dry waste allowing to the user remarkable economical saving.

Many technological solutions offered by SPRAYSTAR EVO are aimed to the respect of environment and to the reduction of running operational costs.
The device for the deionization of the atomized air of the spray guns allows to increase of a 30-40 % the deposit of paint on the leather.The deionized atomized air neutralizes the paint particles and make linear their exit from the spraying nozzle.
The electronic system for the control and the monitoring of the scrubber guarantees an immediate service in case of malfunctioning and avoid those emissions exceeding the legislative limits. This system supervises either the extraordinary malfunctioning and/ or failures and the scheduled maintenance operations of the scrubber.
The Heat Recovery system uses the humid and hot air suctioned from the drying tunnel to pre-heat the dry air coming from outside, thus reducing running costs.
The Energy Saving system optimizes energy consumption. By means of a completely automatized electronic control, the system progressively stops the spray line up to its complete turn off in case of lack of leathers to be processed.

SPRAYSTAR EVO is equipped with a walkable platform fitted on the top of the booth. Upon request, it can be supplied a complete set of railings in compliance with the current workplace accident regulations. The platform assures an easy and safe access both to the distribution shaft both to valves / hoses of the rotating part. Specific software and hardware installed on the SPRAYSTAR EVO allow to connect the spray booth to the local network and to internet.
The connection to the local network allows to transfer the data to the spray booth (recipes, details of the leather lot, instructions and processing settings, etc.) and to export the data relevant to the working process (working time, maintenance time, processed leather lots, etc). The internet connection allows to be connected with GEMATA for the solution of failures by means of a remote assistance or for the remote updating of the software.